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PHP (recursive acronym and backronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”, originally “Personal Home Page Tools”) is a scripting language with a syntax similar to C and Perl, mainly used to create dynamic web pages or web applications. PHP is distributed as free software under the PHP license. PHP is characterized by broad database support and Internet protocol integration, as well as the availability of numerous function libraries.

If one is interested in a PHP shopping cart, the best example on the market is osCommerce. osCommerce is a fully featured e-commerce solution, using PHP script language. osCommerce is considered the king of open-source e-commerce solutions, and is certainly at least worth investigating if you’re in the market for a quality, reliable PHP shopping cart.

osCommerce: The Leader of the PHP Pack

osCommerce is fully compatible with MySQL databases, and is available for free downloads, with no licensing fees or restrictions. Thousands of sites all over the world use osCommerce to power their online ventures. osCommerce can be easily downloaded, and with the aid of free tutorials, is considered easy to install.

Another advantage to osCommerce is their wide-ranging, global support network. osCommerce, as an open source e-commerce solution, is constantly evolving, with refinements being made every step of the way. The Internet is full of useful message boards and support sites to give osCommerce users technical advice, learning curve pointers, and information on new technological developments.

There are other PHP shopping carts available besides osCommerce of course. Many popular models are available on the market, many of which offer excellent features for e-businesses. But if open-source script language is what you’re looking for to fuel your online business, it’s wise to start at the top and investigate the ins-and-outs of osCommerce.

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