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How to Find Your Dream Job in Web Development

If you need a web developer or a web development team then you have a few options to find the best and suitable option for you:

1. Freelancing Websites: Presently, there are a number of websites available for freelancers and for freelance buyers. A few of them are,, etc.
These are safe options as they have ESCROW facilities for buyers. The three step process includes:
a. Post your project with your budget range and project requirements.
b. Let the developers place their bids and approximate delivery time.
c. Check the developers review, their previous works and select one of them.
d. Place the project amount in programmer's escrow amount.
e. If you are happy with the delivery then you can clear the escrow and the programmer will get the money and if you are unhappy then you can cancel the project and escrow will be cancelled and you'll get your money back into your account. In 2nd case if the web developer doesn't agree with the cancellation then the concerned staff of the website will look into the issue and take actions as apt.

2. Look similar kind of works: If you have some specific web design in your mind then you can check the same web developer or web development team who developed the website which is under your consideration. Most of the developers leave their email id or web site addresses in the footer of the web pages they design. For e.g. If you are looking into a website design for hair products and you want design similar to then if you check the footer of the web pages of toppik then you'll notice that on every page the web development team's website address is present. Here, it's . By this way you can contact the developers of the concerned website.

3. Google: Most common option for neophytes is Google. Use Google-Search and type keywords like "need a developer", "Need Web developer" , "web designing" , "web design" etc. Google-Search will result top most relevant websites related to your keywords. You can then check top 5 or top 10. Better check their previous works, their live projects, their feedback etc and select the best among them. Once you select one or two teams then send them your requirements and ask them to give you a quote on the basis of your requirements. Once you get the quotes you can ask for a mock-up. If you like the mock-up then you can go ahead and finalize the deal.

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