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How To Build A Web Site

The web development industry is huge and thus there are different jobs available. While the popular jobs have too many contenders the odd jobs are rare to find and also rare is the training for those.
Still we can make a few classifications
* Web developer
* Web designer
* Content creator
* Web development project manager

Web Developer

The Background Workers

He is a coder, out and over. He needs to code the whole website. The back-end of website is his zone. This job needs excellent command of web programming languages like HTML, Perl, PHP, Coldfusion, python, Java and ASP etc.

If you are into coding, you can master the languages, and syntaxes, then you can find success in this stream. You need to understand one thing however, the front-end is important and in most cases should not be according to your wishes. In fact, you must adjust your codes to suit and ably provide backup for the front end design by your colleague.

Questions to ask yourself 
1. Am I good in programming?
2. Can I adjust to client needs?

Web Designer

The Foreground Artists

More of designing than of coding, he handles the front end of the website. The visual, the aesthetic, all the eye candies are his creation. They are often talented graphic designers too because a little more expertise over graphic designing can make you a web designer.

If you are an artistic person who can handle the computer well then you can look for this profession. It needs proper alignment of object, buttons, texts as well as colour schemes and hand-eye coordination. As you can probably understand, it involves a lot of creativity, vivid imagination and sense of visual aesthetics to survive and be successful in this profession. If you have prior experience of graphic design, it will come very handy in this profession.

Questions to ask yourself 
1. Am I a creative on a canvas?
2. Can I handle a computer well?

Content Creator

The Wordsmiths

The name speaks for itself, the word jugglers. They take care of converting your ideas into highly targeted, keyword-rich content for your website. Must have excellent command over English (or the language of the website), works closely with the designer.

Here the important needs are to have a flair for writing, using correct grammar and spelling. Also you will need to write short and catchy lines so be sure you are a glib talker. If you know how to put words properly then this job suits you. You will need to write from very lengthy articles and descriptions to short taglines and slogans, so prepare for a bumpy and demanding ride ahead. You must be flexible in your writing style as well. Humour in articles is as bad as a tedious tagline.

Questions to ask yourself
1. Do I like writing?
2. Can I get into any mood and write accordingly?
3. Can I catch attention with my words?
4. Am I a glib talker?
5. Am I a good typist?

Project Manager

The Ringmaster

Job for the experienced. Needs to handle all the different segments of web development, make the efforts in sync, must have a basic understanding of all the subjects and also generally gets promoted after working in any of those roles for a few years.

A jack of all trades regarding web development necessarily makes it up to this position. He will be looking after the SDLC as a whole. It takes expertise in almost every field to be able to get this job. You need to synchronise all the efforts made by your team members and also get the project done on time and satisfactorily.

You are also responsible for presenting the project to the client so if anything goes wrong, you are the one who will be listening to music. The opposite is true also, if the project does excellently well, you will be taking a shower in appreciative words and gestures.
Questions to ask yourself
1. Can I handle a team well?
2. Can I communicate to my clients well?
3. Can I communicate myself to my team members and get things done?
4. Can I lead by example?
5. Am I exposed to every bit of web development process?

Do’s & Dont’s

OK, Time to Sound An ‘expert’

There are few things which you must ensure to have a great career. Believe me, dont go for shortcuts. Face the mirror and ask yourself if you really qualify for any of these jobs. Nobody can answer these better than yourself. Do not proceed if the signal is negative, in long run you will almost invariably regret.
Anyway, a few tips from my own experience.
1. Please be sure which job your heart wants.
2. Please answer all the questions related to that job.
3. Please get a proper education/training/professional courses from premier institutes.
4. (optional) get a certificate from a very reputed authority. Like for designers, it can be Adobe certification.

1. Please dont get into any job because your friend is earning well from it.
2. Please dont jump into the soup without learning properly.
3. Learn your stream and keep yourself updated with latest happenings in your trade.

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