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DotNetNuke: A Perfect Decision for Web Developing

If you're wondering how to become a web developer, then there are many answers to that. The reason is, because there are many ways to actually achieve that goal.

But the one similarity you'll have to get through it learning how to program. Understanding how to code, which is a common term to refer to programming, not only entails knowing the commands and syntax but more importantly the thought process and problem solving ability.

This way, no matter what programming language is thrown before you, all you need to learn are the semantics of that particular language and you'll be able to use it well.

Here are some good paths to take that will allow you to become a successful web developer.

Become a Certified Web Developer

If you're trying to become a web developer but don't know how, this course takes you through the different programming languages you need to learn to setup and create your own website.

Learn Web Programming Step by Step

It covers the basics of HTML, Javascript and CSS, which are needed to create the client side of the system, which allows users to interact any web site.

Then it guides you through the important things you need to learn to become a good back end web developer using PHP and MySQL. These technologies enable the server computers located in the offices of the tech company to respond to search queries, registration, login or comments made by visitors on their browsers.

By the end of the training, you'll be a knowledgeable front end and server side developer capable to creating and designing interactive dynamic web pages that make use of databases for storage.

Learn HTML5 At Your Own Pace

If you feel you don't need such a comprehensive coverage of web development, and are more concerned with creating the client side web app which the users see. This class covers the latest HTML5 release.

Build a Website Using HTML5

This version of HTML makes some big changes including a lot of things you used to need Javascript for. With these additions, HTML5 enables the web programmer to directly interact with the user and the server.

Whether you are new to web site creation or already versed in building websites, this course will introduce, explain and show you how you can leverage this new technology into making games, sites and apps online.

Javascript for Beginners

One crucial part of becoming a web developer is learning how to program. Javascript is a great language to begin with if you plan to focus on web development.

Create an Interactive Website using Javascript

With the knowledge gained in this course, you'll be able to easily use other programming languages because you understand the basic structures used by developers. All you have to learn are the commands and syntax that is specific to every programming language.

Part of becoming a great online programmer is to understand the concepts and methodologies as well as the way of thinking needed to solve problems. Because having this, lets you pick up and use any kind of programming tool very quickly.

This Javascript class is a good place to start with building websites.

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