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The popularity of Drupal is on rise with more and more people showing an immense interest in Drupal solutions. With many attractive platforms such as Joomla, WordPress etc. it would be hard to choose a solution that is most appropriate to your business needs and requirements. Huge number of developers prefers this open source CMS over others. Drupal solutions, be it Drupal Custom Solution, Drupal Web Development, Drupal Hosting Solution etc. are in great demand these days.

Letâs see the reasons behind the rising demand for Drupal solutions. Does it have any significant features or is it more advantageous as compared to the other web development solutions?

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free content management system (CMS) written in PHP and is used to build and deploy websites. Drupal, like many modern CMS, allows the system administrators to create and organize content, customize the presentation or appearance, automate administrative and routine tasks, manage site visitors and contributors. It is released under the General Public License that can be easily customized according to one's unique business requirements. Drupal is considered as one of the most scalable CMS solution available today as it has the basic functionalities that can be extended using plug-ins and components.

What are the Drupal features that give it an edge over other CMS solutions?

Drupal is Free and Open Source

It is hard to argue against the least expensive option especially when there are several other great reasons to stick with an open source CMS. Finally, Drupal is free and open source and distributed under the GPL is constantly evolving to meet the future needs of the organization. You don't have to pay for any licenses or any fees, just have to pay for the design and development time.

Drupal provides Endless Customization

The 17,970 modules available allows users to do nearly anything right from optimizing the website content for search engines to customizing Drupal's graphical user interface for the benefit of administrators. For instance, the simple module Webform can be installed to easily create website forms that will send a visitor's information back to you upon completion.

Drupal is Scalable

Drupal has proven itself repeatedly in the field on sites with over a million pages and at over 20,000 requests per second. Its core installation handles over 99 percent of the use cases while free optimization tools and a large base of Drupal administrators address the other 1 percent.

Drupal is Flexible & Secure

Drupal is used by thousands of high profile websites and is subject to rigorous security testing both by the Drupal community and by the security experts around the world. Drupal's core code prevents common security vulnerabilities such as those defined by the Open Web Application Security Project. Also, many things can be implemented and changed easily due to the flexible architecture that Drupal provides.

Drupal runs on any Platform

Drupal, UberCart and PHP run on almost every hardware and operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris etc.). This allows the clients a choice of the best hardware at a reasonable price.

Drupal has Widespread Community

Drupal has a widespread community of developers in 228 different countries using Drupal for their content management needs. This means there is a great opportunity for support. Also, hundreds of thousands of people are posting fresh ideas on the community forums solving each other's technical problems and developing new creative modules for everyone to implement into their websites. Drupal's community forum contains countless developer and end-user created threads dedicated to installations how-to's, migration tutorials, troubleshooting, extensive documentation covering major topics such as site building and building mobile website version and more with 24*7 commercial support.

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